Pho Recipe


Beef bones
Ox tail
Star anise
Cinnamons sticks
Coriander seeds
Fennel seeds
Sugar or substitute ( I used monkfruit)
Salt (I used mushroom seasoning contains salt also)

1. For the broth I begin with boiling the beef bones and ox tail for 5-10 min. Then I rinse it out with cold water and place back into pot of new water and place on high to beginning cooking. ( you will see scum and impurities in the first boil)
2. Then on the stove top I will halve and onion and ginger and cook it for approximately 5-10 minutes to get that aroma coming and charr and add it to the pot.
3. The next step is to cook the star anise (I use 1 – strong flavor for me), cardamom (a few pods), cloves (a few), and cinnamon sticks (1-2) on the stove stop, for a few minutes to get that aroma coming out. Then you will place in a cheesecloth, tie and place into pot.
4. Once pot comes to boil you will want to lower to simmer. Depending on the amount you will be making the salt and sugar will vary. Always start with 1-2 tablespoons as you can continually add or add at the end to your taste.
5. The pot will continue to simmer for a few hours. At least 3. But I have come to learn the longer it is, it tastes so much better.
6. You can continue to check on it as you will see scum float to the top. You can easily remove that with a spoon or ladle.
7. Once completed, remove cheesecloth, ginger, onion bones and ox tail. Strain broth through a mesh strainer into a clean pot.
8. Add oxtail back into broth and taste to liking. Add additional sugar and salt depending on taste.
Fillings: Everything is optional depending on what you like. For this bowl, I did not eat it with rice noodles but more of the bean sprouts for that crunch.
Rice noodles
Thai basil
Bean sprouts
Onion slices
Chili peppers
Chili oil
Fried minced garlic
Sometimes when I am low on time. I put it in a pressure cooker for at least an hour and walk away.

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