Keto Lemon Cream Pie

This Beautiful Keto Lemon Cream Pie is a low carb, gluten free and sugar-free sensation that even carb loving family and friends will enjoy!


Lemon lovers will adore this scrumptious pie! With a fabulous, flaky crust that is also low carb and grain free, even if you’re not quite into lemon you might just find yourself needing to try a piece!

I’m a lemon lover all the way so I have a few recipes besides this one that might tickle your fancy to make. If you don’t want a large pie like this in the house perhaps my Lemon Mug Cake would be best as it’s just a single serving. If you’re into creamy custards try my Blueberry Lemon Custard Cake made in the Crock Pot, or my newest recipe without the need for a pie crust, Lemon Custard Pie!  I’ve also got an easy creamy, lemon cheesecake mousse you might love!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you know a little about my family. For those who are new around here, these are the facts:

  • I’ve been sugar-free for 15 years, gluten free and low carb for the last 6 and keto for the last 3.
  • Hubby was not sugar-free and low carb and we’ve been able to let our food differences not hinder our happy marriage of 22 years. In 2018 he finally went keto, hooray!
  • I grew up in an Italian household where carbs are the main source of a meal.
  • My dad is from Rome and a very old fashioned Italian who still asks me if I want a sugar filled dessert when I come over or bread. This is been ongoing for the last 12 years. I doubt he will ever stop asking, but he’s my dad so I just let it go.
  • My kids love everything I make, for the most part. They usually aren’t AS picky as the husband.

BUT when special occasions arise, like holidays where I am hosting at my house, this is where I get to work on helping my family see that food without gluten and sugar is just as incredible as traditional favorites!


Although my youngest son hates the taste of coconut flour, he can’t tell  my keto pie crust has any in it!  The gorgeous pie has been tested and approved by the picky youngest child who hates all things coconut, by the 72 year old Italian father who really loves carbs, by the picky teen who pretty much eats anything and everything these days, by the pickiest critic of all, my hubby and also a few other unsuspecting neighbors who had no idea it was sugar free and low carb! All with rave reviews!

As Easter is soon approaching this will be the star of the day in my kitchen.

Every Easter in fact I have tried a brand new recipe to share with my parents, brother, sister in law and of course my own kiddies and hubby. I think at this point everyone is getting used to my sneaky ways! It’s pretty much a tradition now that it’s been happening for so long. I think they secretly look forward to it, even if I can’t ever get them to convert to a no sugar way of life. 🙂

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