How I Lost 65lbs In 3months Using Speed Keto: An Honest Review

How I Lost 65lbs In 3months Using Speed Keto: An Honest Review

Is the high-fat, low-carb diet fad totally worth it? Learn what i did, my fall backs and success. Plus my overall success , downfalls and takeaways doing Speed Keto for a Month.


As my personal rule, I stay away from extreme diets or eating regimens. Atkins diet? Never heard of it. Whole 30? Wholly not going to bother with it. Paleo? Some things are better left in the history books. However, the simplicity of the Speed keto diet caught my eyes and how it changed peoples lives, millions of fat loss transformations are posted in the internet and im hoping to be one of it.

Before I hopped in this keto wagon, I spent several weeks researching the diet, following keto-focused groups for inspiration. This last part, I would soon learn, was the most important thing for my journey (having a guide in following keto skips you from doing the trial and error phase of keto and its pitfalls, 
80% of keto enthusiast fail jumping into this way of eating right away without proper knowledge. This way of eating have a lot of pitfalls but if its done right it can be extremely effective to promote drastic fat lossThen after my journey begins….

Pre-Fat Loss Weight Journey

I started the diet about 3months before summer weighing 209 lbs with a goal of losing at the very least  40 pounds to be realistic. Since an ordinary low-calorie diet can produce up to a 5-pound weight loss per week, 40 pounds over 3months/12 weeks didn’t feel extreme. If the keto diet was as great as had been touted, I thought 40 pounds would be easy. to make it even more sustainable im doing it with with a friend as an accountability partner. Lossing weight….

Starting my Journey

WEEK 1-week 1 of following the program it was a bit tough, the program got very strict with the low carb intake but i lost 8lbs , i was feeling a little bit light and every day i feel less bloated so it got me very motivated.

weight loss week 2: 8lbs

Im not gonna lie but i got super excited when i was in optimal ketosis in day 5 already, crazy!

WEEK 2– week two of following the program was easy, seems like my body was starting to adapt keto i can definitely feel the burn, nothing special but what seems to be different is, i feel my face slimming down.
i was having leg cramps, constipation and crazy headaches but the program pinpoint everything that caused it and gave me infos and tips to avoid it , it was pretty much very effective and amazing informative stuff that i have utilized through out the process so this was something good for me.

weight loss week 2: 10lbs

WEEK 3– week three of following the program,  i was living normally eating the keto way and i can feel the burn, i was sweating like crazy with doing minimum movements. I get satiated fast and carb/sweet cravings is nowhere to be found , nada for the whole week. in this week i can truly say i was on keto i can feel it, i feel very light and less bloated. water was my bestfriend on this week i get thirsty a lot,

weight loss week 2: 12lbs

WEEK 4– week four of following the program , i could’nt be any more happier with the results i was seeing, i feel fantastic, i can even wear my old pants again, great!

weight loss week 2: 8lbs

thats 38 lbs of fat in 1 month , i have to admit it was impressive and i was very satisfied!


  • macronutrient calculation lesson( very thorough instruction)
  • prepared speed keto meal plans
  • i was able to master OMAD, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, surviving fasted state, breaking fat loss plateaus, fasted cardio, methods on how to rise up leptin levels naturally to increase fat loss rate.
  • keto flu is suppressed , hardly felt it in the entire course(instructions on preventive measures to suppress keto flu is included)
  • the program was step-by-step and very easy to follow so i can say that this is a beginner friendly guide
  • so much to learn that you wont find any article in the internet like this in one piece
  • step-by-step educational instructions on what to expect on a specific day/week and instruction on how to cope with the diet (how to cope with keto socially, keto flu fix, other effects of keto ea.halitosis etc)
  • a very effective program fit for people who wants to lose 30lbs+
  • post program keto maintenance is included for you not to bounce back on your original weight


I was able to accomplish my goal weight sooner than i have expected so i’d give this a thumbs up and i cant really think of any cons aside of at times i would not understand the technicalities of the diet, however everything was covered from a-to-z ,
the speed keto program was easy to follow and pretty much step-by-step and as a beginner it was all that i needed. i didnt know anything about keto when i started this way of eating and was just amazed how i am educated so much about this.


i am definitely impressed of how this program promotes drastic fat loss, mental clarity and i feel like i am in the best shape in my entire life, kudos to the creators of this program! my sleep is improved and having tons of energy through out the day highlights this too. I dont feel tired in the middle of the day, i can ever wear my old teenage shirts now, this is amazing!! I would totally recommend this to my friends, family and specially to you guys out there like me before who needed help.

Program Difficulty EASY


Imagine the idea of you able to do the things you love without fats hindering your movements, imagine yourself wearing that dress you always wanted to wear, imagine yourself feeling healthy, young and not bloated. This small leap that you are about to do is nothing compared to the benefits you are getting, you are the only one who can help yourself by giving time and effort on your body, stop buying supplements and fat loss pills that are good for nothing , start eating well and invest right on your body , dont start tomorrow or next week because if this is what you set in mind, none of your weight loss transformation is going to happen.



  • Simply follow the program to achieve optimal results 
  • Ditch those supplements you see in the market , its what makes you fat and adding up your calories not to mention ripping you off every month 
  • Do this at your own risk as this program promotes a very drastic fat loss rate and it may not be suitable for everyone specially for people who have immunodeficiency disorders.

this program is not for everybody as each of our body responds differently, but if you just simply follow the speed keto program every steps are provided each day so highly likely it will give you at the very least 25 lbs a month of fat loss due to its effectivity , skipping that bag of chips/frappe and investing on my self instead was one of the best decision i’ve ever made!

People who follows keto with a program succeed BECAUSE they know where they’re going and have proper expectations.

 now there are a lot of ways how keto is done but just to show you guys the program that i followed and tested.   

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leave a comment below and tell us how Speed Keto changed your life too! 🙂

   3months of repeating the process and boom! 209lbs before – DOWN TO 140lbs now

me on the left weighing 209 lbs – on the right about 140 lbs in 3months(lost 65+ lbs)

before and after picture doing a month of speed keto, me on the left weighing 171lbs, pic on the right weighing 209lbs (lost 38 lbs )



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